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ITIA –International Travel Insurance Alliance e.V.

ERGO Reiseversicherung is a member of the International Travel Insurance Alliance. Members of the Alliance have adopted the motto “Global thought and action, local knowledge” when offering travel coverage to their customers.

Membership in ITIA means being part of an international community

With the objective of extending membership to non-European organisations, in October 2018 the former ETIG (European Travel Insurance Group) became ITIA (International Travel Insurance Alliance e.V.), an organisation headquartered in Munich.

ITIA is an association of international companies which offer travel insurance products and other travel-related services. Service-providers involved in other aspects of the travel industry, for example assistance companies, may also join the ITIA.

Companies in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK that are directly affiliated with ERGO Reiseversicherung also belong to ITIA. Further travel insurance providers and brokers in the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, the Ukraine and Bulgaria are also members.

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International Travel Insurance Alliance e.V.
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