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Incoming: Long-term Medical Insurance for Foreign Students and Au Pairs

Good protection with a medical insurance is essential for foreign students and au pairs during your stay in Germany. You are free to choose the duration of the cover.

Good reasons for Long-term Medical Insurance (incoming) for Foreign Students and Au Pairs:

from € 25 for up to 31 days
  • The minimum protection for your stay Germany.
  • No medical examination!
  • You can take out the insurance even at the last minute before starting your trip
  • Short breaks back in your home country are also covered.
  • Major cash savings if you have to be hospitalised after an emergency or for medication costs.
  • Our emergency call centres provide 24/7 support and advice 365 days per year in medical emergencies.
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Why take out a Long-term Medical Insurance for Foreign Students and Au Pairs (incoming)?

At a glance:

Ideal for you:
As a student travelling alone, a language or exchange student, au pair, intern, participant in a work and travel programme or in the Federal Volunteer Service aged up to and including 55 years, staying a maximum of 24 months/732 days in Germany or another European country.

Valid for:
Germany (= a stay in Europe)

Maximum stay:
24 months / 732 days

Short breaks back home:
Are also covered. Conditional on you being normally resident in a country of the EU or EEA.

All our tariffs are without an excess.

Advance notice:
You can take out a Long-term Medical Insurance for Students and Au Pairs at any time before the beginning of your stay but not later than the day you arrive in Germany or other European country.

Sum insured:
There is no limit to the sum insured which therefore includes the legal minimum cover of € 30,000. Search, rescue and repatriation costs are covered up to a maximum of € 10,000.

Schengen visa:
The insurance meets the requirements of a Schengen visa within the meaning of Article 15 of the Visa Code.

Product Description - what is included in detail

Cover is provided for the following:

In the event of serious illness or accident on the insured stay we will pay, amongst others, the costs of

  • in-patient treatment in hospital including operations
  • out-patient treatment, drugs, medicines and bandages
  • dental treatment for the relief of pain
  • medical treatment in the event of complications in pregnancy
  • medically effective and reasonable return transport and the return of luggage from abroad to the habitual residence

Sum insured: unlimited

Our Emergency Call Center is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

All our tariffs are without an excess.

The policy can be taken out at any time before the start of the insured stay.

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